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Written & Produced by: Jake Weinberg, Quinn Barnitt, Jackson Shanks & Sora Lopez
Mixed by: Jeff Ellis
Mastered by: Dale Becker


CRITTER’s “PFC” is an infectious burst of feel-good pop that’s bound to brighten your day. The duo, consisting of ex-rap producer Jake Weinberg and DIY folk singer/songwriter Quinn Barnitt, brings a unique blend of talents to the table, resulting in a track that’s both anthemic and breezy.

The song’s lyrics, rooted in feelings of insecurity, take an empowering turn as Barnitt boldly declares, “I’m not that pretty, but I’m pretty fucking cool.” It’s a spirited and defiant message that resonates with anyone who’s ever felt a lack of confidence. Barnitt’s vocals are delivered with an infectious enthusiasm that’s impossible to resist.

Weinberg’s production adds an extra layer of magic to the track, elevating it to new heights. The duo’s chemistry, stemming from their chance meeting on the second day of college, is palpable in the synergy between Barnitt’s lyrics and Weinberg’s production.

As a preview of their upcoming EP, “PFC” sets high expectations for CRITTER’s first body of work, “Have Safe Be Fun.” With its eclectic and overwhelmingly fun vibe, it’s safe to say that this band is one to watch. Get ready for a dose of sunshine in the form of CRITTER’s pop music โ€“ it’s the perfect soundtrack to lift your mood and make you feel pretty damn cool.


Written by Craig Steven

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    01. Oceans Of Blue
    Craig Steven

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    02. Never Look Back
    Craig Steven

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    01. Trafic Jam
    Null value

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