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Ratboys – “Go Outside”

Bailey Q | March 20, 2021
The RatBoys "Go Outside"

Ratboys’ latest single, “Go Outside,” may seem like a timely Covid-inspired anthem, but it’s a fortunate (or unfortunate) coincidence that captures the universal experience of the pandemic’s yearlong shutdown. The song comes as a follow-up to their 2020 album “Printer’s Devil.” The band had big plans for a tour in support of their third LP, but the pandemic abruptly forced them to cancel all their dates.

Lyrically, “Go Outside” resonates with the desire to break free from confinement, with lines like “I wanna be eloquent / I wanna take all my best friends / And show ’em where I live.” It’s a sentiment that struck a chord with many during the pandemic, yearning for the simple joys of travel and spending time with loved ones.

What’s intriguing is that “Go Outside” was written a year before the pandemic, making its relevance even more uncanny. The song also marks a shift in Ratboys’ sound, embracing country influences that had previously only peeked through their predominantly indie-rock style.

Singer-songwriter Julia Steiner’s explanation of the song’s inspiration adds depth to its meaning. Written on a whim during a break between tours in April 2019, “Go Outside” exudes a carefree and wistful innocence that resonates deeply with the longing we’ve all felt during the pandemic’s restrictions.

Ratboys’ ability to capture the zeitgeist and evolve their musical style makes “Go Outside” a compelling addition to their discography, offering a relatable and comforting soundtrack for these unusual times.

Written by Bailey Q

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