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A r t  &  C r e a t i o n Give Your Tracks The Right  Sonic Flare!

Mix  MIXING   $55 hour

Track mixing services involve the artful process of blending individual audio elements within a music track to create a harmonious and polished final product. As the sonic equivalent of painting with sound, skilled engineers at SunSlice Records use their expertise to balance vocals, instruments, and effects, enhancing clarity, depth, and overall coherence. This meticulous process transforms raw recordings into vibrant, professionally mixed tracks that resonate with the sunny and positive vibes of your studio.

Mastering  MASTERING  $55 hour

Track mastering services at SunSlice Records entail the final, crucial step in refining the sonic quality of a music track. Our experienced mastering engineers delicately fine-tune elements like EQ, dynamics, and overall volume to ensure consistency and optimal playback across various platforms. This transformative touch guarantees that your music maintains its sunny and positive essence, ready to captivate audiences with its polished and radiant sound.

Production  PRODUCTION  $95 hour

Song production services at SunSlice Records encompass the entire creative journey of crafting a musical masterpiece. Our team collaborates closely with artists to conceptualize, arrange, and actualize their musical vision, infusing each step with our signature sunny and positive vibe. From composing and arranging to recording and post-production, we ensure that every track emanates the warmth and optimism that defines SunSlice Records.