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SunSlice Records is a Media CompanySound Engineer Craig Steven

SunSlice Records is a versatile media company that began as a recording studio for artists. Over time, we have expanded our horizons and embraced the opportunities presented by the internet and broadcast media. Our strong connections within the art community have allowed us to collaborate with a diverse range of talented artists from all around the world. Our portfolio includes successful partnerships with film creators, festival organizers, event operators, universities, broadcasters, and businesses. We approach each project with a creative spirit, bringing our passion for art and media to every endeavor we undertake.





Music is the Pulse that connects the Heart and Soul.

Music, like a rhythmic heartbeat, possesses the extraordinary power to unite the heart and soul, creating a profound connection that transcends cultural, linguistic, and emotional barriers. It is a universal language that resonates with people from all walks of life, eliciting emotions and evoking memories that words alone cannot express.

Music serves as an inspiration and catalyst for creativity. Artists, poets, and writers often draw inspiration from music, using its emotional resonance to fuel their artistic expression and connect with their audience at a deeper level.

Through music, we find solace, understanding, and a profound sense of unity with others, making it an extraordinary force that enriches our lives and elevates the human spirit.